Beaufort Family Karate
   Classical instruction in the
         Art of
Tae Kwon Do


"Mr. Tim Snyder is very gifted, able to cater his teaching to every level or age and he’s very sensitive to the needs of his students.  My children have developed a genuine interest in this discipline, and have progressed rapidly.  My 11 year old son even wants to learn the Korean language now.  I would highly recommend him to any parent or student that is thinking of studying the art of Tae Kwon Do." 

                                                                                                                             Charles Cox
Beaufort, SC

"Great new location!!  We were there this afternoon for the big reveal.  The new space is nicely located and Mr. Snyder does a phenomenal job teaching both my kids!!!  This is a great activity for any personality... my daughter rocks it at 8 with her jump front snap kicks.  And my 10 year old, serious styled son, makes his uniform snap with each articulated movement!"
Erin Knight
Beaufort, SC



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