Beaufort Family Karate
   Classical instruction in the
         Art of
Tae Kwon Do

Studio Rules & Etiquette

Studio Etiquette & Rules
  • Be on time for class.
  • Always bow when entering and leaving the training area, demarcated by blue and red mats.  The bow is a personal reminder of respect for the instructor, the art, the students, and for the studio as an institution of serious study.
  • Please use the restroom before class.
  • NO jewelry allowed in training area for safety reasons.
  • Please keep all food and drink out of the studio, except water.
  • Show proper respect to the instructors and classmates.
  • Use common sense and courtesy.
  • Greet the instructor upon entering, and when leaving, bid him goodbye. 
  • Kindly remove shoes before walking on the mats.
  • Always wear a clean uniform. Never throw the uniform or the belt on the floor.  Our uniform is white.  The uniform and white belt are issued with registration. 
  • Keep nails clipped to avoid injury and keep your body clean. 
  • Observe rank and seniority: white belt is beginner, then to yellow, green, blue, brown & black.  Classes line up by belt rank. 
  • Beginners must seek supervision before attempting anything new. 
  • Students shall never free spar without permission of the instructor. 
  • Restrict talking during practice. Speak only when clarification of something is necessary or desired. 
  • Discipline your body. Learn good posture. Do not sit down or slouch.  Stand erect unless you are injured. 
  • Always ask to be excused. 
  • Never smoke, eat, or chew gum during the practice period.  
  • Eliminate bad language, anger, and signs of poor control.  
  • Do not ask the judge for test results when seeking belt promotion.  Respect the process.

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