Beaufort Family Karate
   Classical instruction in the
         Art of
Tae Kwon Do


Will my child will become aggressive learning a martial art?

Tae Kwon Do was created to discourage violence.  Misused it can be a lethal weapon.  Contrary to Hollywood’s portrayal of karate, it is to be used responsibly, only in defense.  This is stressed in the training at Beaufort Family Karate.

How will my child's behavior be influenced at Beaufort Family Karate?

Beaufort Family Karate trains not only in kicks and punches, but also in core values.  Self-discipline, courtesy, patience and integrity are all emphasized as a valuable part of the training your child will receive.  The deliberate instruction in values sets our program apart from many of the extra-curricular activities offered in our culture.  One of the cornerstones of Tae Kwon Do is respect.  Respect for elders, teachers and fellow students is mandatory.  This fosters an environment conducive to learning and unity. There is a strong positive peer pressure at Beaufort Family Karate.  

Why do we have to learn forms?

Training in this art involves the learning of fundamental movements, forms and sparring.   Through constant practice, offensive and defensive strikes become a conditioned reflex.  Forms (or katas) are part of the discipline of Tae Kwon Do, and by building muscle memory, are synonymous with learning self-defense.

Is Tae Kwon Do only for kids?

Tae Kwon Do has rapidly gained in popularity over the past few decades, with an estimated 50 million people now studying Tae Kwon Do worldwide.  People of any race, creed, gender and age can enjoy this martial art.  It is a wonderful way to achieve fitness and flexibility.  Our studio welcomes adults of any age or skill level.

How does Tae Kwon Do compare to other martial arts?

Tae Kwon Do is the most popular martial art in the world, partly because of its appropriateness for children.  In 1973 the World Tae Kwon Do Federation was established, which promotes the sport through international competition.  Tae Kwon Do was a demonstration sport in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.  It has continued to gain status and is now an official Olympic event.

How do I earn a new belt?

Students of this sport are promoted in rank according to their training and mastery of the art.  The process takes time and committment.  Along the path from white belt to black belt, both the body and mind are transformed.  Mental conditioning has been said to be the foundation of the art, with the physical conditioning just a byproduct.  Qualified students are invited to test at our monthly Thursday evening tests.


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