Beaufort Family Karate
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         Art of
Tae Kwon Do

Self Defense That Sticks

Learned muscle memory.  It is what allows a pianist who has suffered a traumatic brain injury to sit down and play the piano, even though her central control center doesn’t remember how to do so.  Muscle memory is the unconscious muscle control used to perform frequently repeated tasks like typing on a keyboard or tying our shoelaces. We repeat these activities so often we don't think much about the sequential movements required.

Katas, or forms, memorized and mastered in the study of martial arts, are designed to build muscle memory.  After performing a high block or front snap kick thousands of times, the body can execute the move on autopilot.

Many self-defense classes miss this key point.  While learning the movements in a four week course may be an upgrade from knowing nothing, in the blink of a second when one needs to use a self-defense technique, if it has not moved from head knowledge to muscle memory, likely it will come too late.

Like the response to touching a hot stove, a Black Belt would react reflexively.  In fact, an involuntary response is inevitable.  For that reaction to be an effective defense, the kicks, punches and blocks must be ingrained.

For those interested in self-defense, we applaud your intent and welcome you to join us at Beaufort Family Karate.  Here you will learn the art of Tae Kwon Do, get a great work out, and study self-defense that sticks. 

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