Beaufort Family Karate
   Classical instruction in the
         Art of
Tae Kwon Do

The Black Belt

We live in a world where one can buy a PhD through an online university for the right price.  A Black Belt through the Kukkiwon, the World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters, cannot be bought.  It is to be earned through years of diligent study and commitment.  

The answer to how long it takes to become a Black Belt is this:  It takes as long as it takes--on average, three to five years.  There are mandatory waiting periods at the higher belt ranks before testing, to ensure that certified Black Belts finish as masters of the art, and equipped to pass on what they've learned.

We will not lower our standards in order to increase retention.  We will not offer "watered down" Tae Kwon Do to fast track students through the ranks. Beaufort Family Karate stresses the mastery of forms or katas (see the Self Defense tab for more on this), and holds to the highest standards of excellence.

If you are looking to achieve a 4th degree Black Belt in sixteen months, we are not the studio for you.  But we guarantee that when you achieve your Black Belt through Beaufort Family Karate, you will have earned it, and your mind and body will have been transformed in the process.

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