Beaufort Family Karate
   Classical instruction in the
         Art of
Tae Kwon Do

Tim Snyder's Bio

Mr. Snyder was born and raised in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, but always dreamed of living near the water.  In 2000, he married his wife Julie, who happened to be his veterinarian.  During the past dozen years, they founded (and later sold) a veterinary clinic, welcomed seven children, and relocated to Beaufort in 2008.

Mr. Snyder is a PADI certified SCUBA diver, beach comber, fly fisherman and weight lifter.  He is passionate about his walk with God, and is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Miami Dolphins.  When he is not teaching Tae Kwon Do, he can be found cooking for his family, managing his fantasy football team, and homeschooling history and Saxon math with his children.

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